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The VLW Quick 10: New Lawyer law firms

The people who passed the February 2010 Virginia bar exam were sworn in last Monday in a special ceremony held in Richmond. We offer our congratulations once again.

Here’s some good news: We’ve seen some slight improvement in the job market in the last few months. But in the event the job gods haven’t been charitable to you yet, you can always start your own firm. Who to partner with, you ask? No problem. We’ve looked over the New Lawyer list and drawn up a few law firms, matched for maximum success, as always:

1. Hall & Oates. Actually, they’ve been practicing together since the 1970s.

2. Smith & Wesson. With satellite offices out west.

3. Holland & France. Specializing in international law.

4. Gunn, Gunderson & Gunberg. They often handle referrals from Smith & Wesson.

5. Bulger Wheatley. A very healthy crowd at this firm.

6. Powell, Black, Brennan & Ginsberg. They handle only appellate work, only before the Supreme Court.

7. Regan, Kennedy, Wilson, Johnson & Taylor. They aim for the top.

8. Flora, Fields and Maples. An earthy, all-natural group.

9. The Rambo Firm. This guy works alone. Litigator.

10. Cave, Hutman & Brickhouse. They’re constantly evolving.

— Paul Fletcher and Sarah Rodriguez

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