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A good argument

Every year for the past few years, some delegate or senator has introduced a bill in the General Assembly to outlaw texting while driving. In 2010, one of the measures was House Bill 212, which, once the Assembly convened, was promptly referred to the Committee on Militia, Police and Public Safety (i.e., legislative Siberia), where the bill languished. It ultimately was “laid on the table” (a nice euphemism for “killed”) before the session ended.

The teenagers who text must have hired the same guy who lobbies for the tennis moms in SUVS and salesguys in cheap suits and cheap cars, both of whom yack on the cell phone while driving. Bills to stop same routinely go down each year as well.

A Facebook friend of mine in Utah re-posted this picture, which is now making the viral rounds. The featured church is in Alabama. Feel free to refer to it if and when you are lobbying against texting-while-driving bills next January:

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