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That’s the ticket…

Here’s an item for the upcoming holiday weekend. It’s the 4th of July, and you’re traveling to visit family and friends. Or maybe you’re just trying to get away.

You run a little behind, so you need to make time. You need to push the speed limit just a little. If your foot has a little too much lead in it, where are you most likely to get a speeding ticket?

Florida, according to an outfit called the National Motorists Association. The association bills itself as a “motorists’ rights group” that helps drivers fight speeding and other traffic tickets. They just completed a survey on ticketing trends.

The Sunshine State is at the top of their most-likely list, followed by Georgia and Nevada in a tie for 2nd, Texas then Alabama.

Virginia is in a tie with Minnesota for 28th place.

Wait a minute, you say. How can the NMA determine the states “most likely” to issue tickets? They used Google. They analyzed ticket-related search queries such as “speeding ticket” and “traffic ticket” over time using Google’s Search Insights — a public tool that shows state-by-state search trends across the United States.

Whether you buy that methodology or not is up to you, but note that two jurisdictions adjoining Virginia make the top 10: North Carolina rates 8th and D.C. is at number 9.

You’ll have to drive a far piece to get where tickets are least likely under the NMA survey. Montana is at the bottom, followed Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota and Alaska. If you’re driving to those places for the weekend, you better load up the kids and car right now.

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