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Today’s most appropriate headline

The award for most appropriate headline of the day goes to the Cleveland Plain Dealer (see graphic of today’s front page, at right). The headline writers used one word – Gone. – to sum up the departure of Cleveland Cavaliers player LeBron James, who announced on a hyperventilating ESPN show last night that he was signing a contract with the Miami Heat.

I’m not a pro basketball fan, but I am a newspaper fan. The Plain Dealer’s front page is well done. I have to admit I liked the editorializing in the graphic, an arrow pointing to James’s finger: “7 years in Cleveland. No rings.”

I’m surprised the page wasn’t sponsored by that new (and very real) website: www.fyoulebron.com. I won’t link to it, but type in the URL and it says, pretty plainly, what you’d expect it to say.

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