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He’s baaack …

“Michael Scott” is vexatious and frivolous, as fans of the TV show “The Office” know. Now there is an official court document attesting to that fact.

Or at least attesting to the fact that a Norfolk Circuit Court has found one “Michael A. Scott” to be “vexatious.” In 2008, the court levied $40,000 in sanctions against Scott for violating a pre-filing injunction.

Last September, Norfolk Circuit Judge Everett Martin used one of Scott’s pro se filings to develop “indicia of vexatiousness” for knowing when to boot a frequent-filer plaintiff who has submitted a pro se “blunderbuss” pleading naming a host of defendants and legal claims.

Guess who satisfies the prescribed indicia? Michael A. Scott. On Tuesday, the Norfolk judge ticked off the elements of the test and denied Scott leave to file his latest “smorgasbord” of legal claims.
By Deborah Elkins

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