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Legal Destination: Carroll County

In a story last year, I flagged the Carroll County Courthouse as one of the “Legal Destinations” you might visit if you wanted to combine legal history with some R&R.

In 1912, the courthouse was the site in the courtroom shoot-out that left the presiding judge, the commonwealth’s attorney and the sheriff dead, among others.

The locals think there’s money in history and they’ll second the motion that you should come visit their courthouse. In fact, according to the Galax Gazette, a Hillsville writer has penned a play based on the events of March 14, 1912.

Money raised from the production would fund scholarships for area students and help with the maintenance of the historic home of industrialist George L. Carter in Hillsville.

The Carroll County people are dreaming big. They plan to charge rates comparable to the Barter Theater over in Abingdon. If they host two performances a day from Thursdays to Sundays for the 18 months leading up to the 100th anniversary of the shoot-out, and if 50 people attend each show, they’ll make more than a million dollars.

Carroll County is southwest of Roanoke, along the North Carolina border. Get your GPS ready and make your plans.

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