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Five days flat

The other shoe has dropped in the case of the Maryland judge who got upset and flattened the tire of the cleaning woman who parked in his parking spot.

You may recall the story, reported here back in January: Charles County Circuit Judge Robert C. Nalley got angry last September when a cleaning woman parked in his dedicated parking space. Using a key or other sharp device, he let the air out of her tires. In October he pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor charge of vehicle tampering. He was fined $500 and ordered to write a heartfelt letter of apology, which he did.

Our colleagues up at The Daily Record in Baltimore have the story

Nalley was roasted at a two-hour hearing of the Maryland Commission on Judicial Disabilities in April, in which he essentially was asked how could he have done something so juvenile. The judge was very remorseful. But he also said he believed deflating a tire was less an abuse of his judicial power than having the car towed or insisting that police issue a citation.

The lawyer for the commission and Nalley’s lawyer reached an agreement, which was approved by the Maryland Court of Appeals yesterday: The judge is suspended from the bench for five days without pay, and he must complete that suspension within 30 days.

Interestingly, the finding from Maryland’s highest court was not unanimous. The one-page order notes that one judge voted to give Nalley only a public reprimand.

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