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Supreme Court upholds attorney’s suspension

In an unpublished order, the Supreme Court of Virginia today upholds the 12-month suspension of Norfolk lawyer Curtis Tyrone Brown’s license to practice law.

A three-judge panel concluded that Brown made a false statement to a judge and disrupted a judicial proceeding.

Brown misrepresented to a Chesapeake Circuit Court judge in front of a jury the circumstances surrounding a deposition in the case, according to the order.

The misrepresentation disrupted the proceeding as did his disrespectful comments to the judge at a subsequent hearing on a motion for sanctions when Brown asked the judge to recuse himself.
Brown did not comply with the court’s order to pay attorney’s fees and costs to defendant’s counsel following that proceeding.

The panel properly considered during the penalty phase of the hearing a prior reprimand with terms that had been issued to Brown at an earlier proceeding, the court said.

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