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Court forms available on VSB site

Attorneys are now able to fill out and print many routine court forms from the Virginia State Bar website.

Sandra Karison, assistant director of legal research in the Office of the Executive Secretary at the Supreme Court of Virginia, said attorneys and clerks of court had requested forms that typically are available in clerk’s offices, such as the DC-511 form, which is used to initiate a case in juvenile and domestic relations district court.

To get to the forms, attorneys must log in as a VSB member. A click on the “Forms and Downloads” button takes the user to a page with a “Supreme Court of Virginia Forms” heading at the bottom.
The Supreme Court website has a link to some of the same forms, but most of the forms on the Supreme Court site are ones that must be signed by a pro se litigant or an attorney.

The forms unique to the VSB website typically are those that must be prepared by a clerk, magistrate or judge.

Having the fillable forms on line insures that attorneys have the most up-to-date version and makes it easier for attorneys to provide clerks and courts with complete, legible information, Karison said.

Those factors are especially important for forms such as a Writ of Fieri Facias and fact-intensive court orders, Karison said.

The forms are designed to generate printed copies. The filled-out forms cannot be saved electronically.

By Alan Cooper

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