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A recipe for disaster

Here’s a preview of coming attractions.

In October, we will publish our “Leaders in the Law” magazine, highlighting the honorees in the Class of 2010. Right now we’re collecting info and stories from this year’s group and preparing the copy for the magazine.

They are a highly successful and accomplished group. But one leader admits he wasn’t always so.

Rick Witthoefft of Hirschler Fleischer offers an example of how not to get a job at a law firm. The culprit: himself.

He reported that early on when he was looking for legal work, he put together his resume and a nice cover letter to a firm. Signed, sealed, mailed.

Then he realized that in the envelope he somehow had included “a 3×5 card on which my wife had just typed a friend’s banana nut bread recipe.” Oops.

Witthoefft considered his options. He noted that’s when he learned “that breaking into a public mail box is a federal offense.”

Did he get the job? Nope. But he said he “heard later that they liked the recipe.”

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