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Conrad is chief judge in Western District

Roanoke U.S. District Judge Glen Conrad is now chief judge for the Western District of Virginia. A federal statute required the change when Judge James Jones reached the age of 70 this year.

Conrad ascended to the chief judge’s post in time to preside over the traditional Monticello naturalization ceremony on July 4, according to an assistant in his office.

Conrad, a nominee of President George W. Bush, became a district judge in 2003. He previously served as a U.S. magistrate judge since 1976.

By Peter Vieth, with a hat tip to the Southwest Virginia law blog.

UPDATE: Conrad tells VLW he hopes to see an increase in the capabilities for the e-filing system and adjustments in the local rules during his tenure as chief. Nevertheless, Conrad anticipates each judge will continue to have his or her unique pretrial order. “It’s safe to say any changes will be fine tuning what is already in place,” he said.



  1. Congrats to the youngster!

  2. Congrats to the youngster!

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