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Need a letter of recommendation? Watch who you ask.

College seniors working on their applications to law school should choose wisely when deciding who to ask for a letter of recommendation.

With all the detail work needed for the rest of the application, the requests for recommendations might seem like an afterthought. A recent report from the Kaplan test prep people suggests, however, that students often stumbled in their selection of endorsements.

A Kaplan survey showed 87 percent law school admission officers had received a negative letter of recommendation about an applicant. That’s right – the professor or other authority asked to write about the applicant actually had bad things to say.

The report showed 15 percent considered a poor letter of recommendation to be the biggest application killer.

Advice to college students – just because you made it through the class doesn’t mean the professor loves you. Your lack of perception could torpedo your law school application.

By Peter Vieth

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