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It’s National Punctuation Day.

Today is National Punctuation Day.

It’s not one of those made-up holidays that Hallmark concocted to sell greeting cards. It’s a made-up holiday created by a former reporter, Jeff Rubin, who was fed up with commas, and apostrophe’s being put in the wrong place.

2010 marks the seventh annual celebration of the punctuation movement. Last year, they had a bake sale. This year, they are running a haiku contest. Really. The deadline is Sept. 30. The entries, available at the NPD website, include items similar to this one:

Raised by two parens
I’ve been bracketed since youth.
I’m an inside job.

How does one celebrate National Punctuation Day? The owners of NPD (yes, it’s trademarked) suggest going to a bookstore to buy a copy of E.B. White’s The Elements of Style and carefully observing the signs along the way, helpfully correcting those with errors. Then go home and write an error-free letter to a friend.

Good advice, I suppose. You don’t want to be a person who doesn’t know what an apostrophe’s for.

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