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Viva Laws Vegas

I was out in Nevada (that’s Nev-ADD-ah, not Nev-AHD-ah) last weekend, at the Society of Professional Journalists convention in Las Vegas.

If you’ve never been there, suffice it to say that Vegas is over the top and in-your-face on just about every level. After I checked in to the Planet Hollywood, where the SPJ was meeting, I rounded the corner and right there on the elevator doors was a larger-than-life poster of Holly Madison, former Playboy Girl Next Door and star of “Peepshow.”  I managed to miss that show, but I assume it was suited to Holly’s talents.

And billboards. All over there were lawyer billboards. Law firms must be keeping the Vegas billboard industry in business.  

One p.i. firm tried poetry: “In a wreck? Get a check!”

Many others offered bankruptcy help. Considering Nevada has the highest unemployment rate in the country, I’m guessing those lawyers stay busy.

Traffic tickets must be a problem in Vegas. You can call the “Ticket Busters” for help. The billboards and website feature a cartoony cop. The firm promises, “NO court. NO traffic school. NO insurance increase (asterisk: “In most cases”).  

There was one firm that seemed to be everywhere: “Half Price Lawyers,” a group that promised to handle your traffic ticket for 50 bucks. For other matters, they have payment plans starting at $100 down.

How can they work so cheap? Their website explains that Half Price Lawyers can charge lower fees “because we only hire experienced seasoned attorneys who have already handled lots of cases like yours.” The site adds, in case you didn’t know, “Experienced attorneys can usually find the answers more quickly than new lawyers lacking experience.”

HPL is the brainchild of Adam Stokes, who has been practicing in Nevada since 2004. He was the force behind Ticket Busters before he sold the firm to another guy, according to Wild Wild Law, “a tabloid blog” dedicated to Nevada law, judges and lawyers.

The Half Price crew is multimedia. In case anyone in Las Vegas missed them, the site features little pictures of their bright yellow and red billboards and their ads on city buses. There’s a little radio you can click to hear their jingle:

Bankruptcy or DUI
Tickets or divorce
Or you’ve been in an accident
And looking for recourse
None of these are pleasant
But here’s something that’s nice
Our lawyers want to help you
And our lawyers are half-price.

If you’re interested, there’s a link to “Franchising and Licensing Opportunities.” The firm will consider licensing the brand. In other words, the “Half Price Lawyers” moniker doesn’t have to stay in Vegas.

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