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Announcing the VLW Verdicts & Settlements database

Virginia Lawyers Weekly is pleased to announce the addition of our newest online feature: The VLW Verdicts & Settlements database.

The database provides a new way to search for litigation results throughout the state. You also can do research by jurisdiction, judge, expert, type of injury and opposing counsel. The VLW V&S database will help you compare your own cases and assess their value for trial or settlement.

Search Guidelines

The VLW V&S database search engine provides a deep, comprehensive search of our Verdicts & Settlements collection, back to reports published since 2006. The beta version of the database will be available to Virginia Lawyers Weekly for a limited time.

If you are currently a subscriber, you can access our V&S system with your existing username and password. If you don’t currently have online access to the VLW site, please visit our Account Center to register or subscribe.

To begin your search, go to “Search Verdicts & Settlements” on the V&S portal, located at the top right of the VLW homepage. You can also access our form by going directly to verdicts.valawyersweekly.com. To perform a basic search, type your search terms into the Case Descriptions Keyword field and select the method for sorting your results.

Or, select the “advanced search” option to filter your results by various criteria, including date, case value, jurisdiction, type of case or any combination thereof. For example, you can generate a list of auto accidents in Norfolk involving brain injuries that produced verdicts over $1M. You can also learn more about a particular judge, mediator, expert or attorney.

Over the next few weeks, Virginia Lawyers Weekly will feature a “V&S Search of the Week,” highlighting all the different types of searches. For detailed instructions on performing an advanced search, click here.

Take a few minutes to test out our new V&S database, and let us know what you think. Your comments and suggestions will help make this research tool better, stronger and more powerful. Please send comments and suggestions to: webeditor@valawyersmedia.com.

Submission Guidelines

Please note that the procedure for submitting a V&S Report to Virginia Lawyers Weekly has changed as well.

We encourage you to send us the results of your cases. We are interested in all types of Virginia cases, regardless of the monetary amount or winning side. We are not just looking for big dollar recoveries or defense wins in major cases. Sometimes the smaller cases present the more novel issues and instructive lessons.

Anyone may submit a verdict or settlement for publication in both Virginia Lawyers Weekly’s print edition and online database.

The submission form is available through the V&S portal. To send us your case result, fill out all applicable fields on the form and hit the submit button at the bottom.

To be published, a report must:

o Include the name of the case, the court name and docket number.
o Include the date of the verdict or settlement, the name of the judge, the amount of the verdict or settlement, and, if it is a defense verdict, the plaintiff’s last pretrial demand. This information cannot be withheld from publication.
o Include the names of the lawyers for all of the parties.
o Provide a description of the case that contains facts of the case, interesting arguments made, novel legal approaches, etc.
o List contact information of the lawyer submitting the report.

If parties agreed to a confidential settlement, we may, in appropriate cases, withhold the names of the parties from the published version – but the information must be provided to us initially. If the parties’ names are to be withheld as part of a confidential settlement, we will need to have the dollar amount of the settlement for publication.

For other considerations, please read our Verdicts & Settlements chapter in the VLW User Manual.

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