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‘Flaming bartenders’ avoid conviction

A Fairfax County judge dismissed misdemeanor charges against two bartenders who once faced felony counts for their “fire breathing” trick at a Herndon tavern.

The Fairfax County fire marshall arrested the pair in July after witnessing them perform the “flaming bartender” trick, reports the Fairfax Times. The feat involved spitting high-proof alcohol onto a flame.

They were orginially charged with the felonies of manufacturing and using an explosive device; setting a fire capable of spreading; and burning or destroying a meeting house. Commonwealth’s Attorney Ray Morrogh dismissed these charges in August.

The remaining charges were dismissed Wednesday in General District Court.

Both bartenders have vowed never to perform the trick again.


  1. Nice story. Excellent ending for the bartenders.

  2. Nice story. Excellent ending for the bartenders.

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