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Dolan Company forms partnership creating 50-state legislative reporting service

MINNEAPOLIS–The Dolan Company, the parent company of Virginia Lawyers Media, yesterday announced the launch of a 50-state, real-time legislative reporting and data service.

The service is the product of a strategic partnership with Telran Inc., a leading provider of statehouse legislative information.

The new service, headquartered in Austin, Texas, is called Legislative Information Service of America, or LISA. It will provide real-time Web-based reporting on floor and committee actions, bill filings, and other legislative activity. It features customized real-time tracking, alerts, full-text searches, daily calendars and critical analytical tools aimed at bills as they are filed and debated in statehouses across the United States.

LISA will provide national coverage with a speed and depth unmatched by any existing legislative service. After an extended period of development and testing, LISA began customer demonstrations Nov. 1. Operational components will be rolled out during November, in time for bill pre-filing activities leading to 2011 legislative sessions in numerous statehouses.

Target customers will include corporate governmental affairs professionals, multi-state lobbyists, national associations and key governmental agencies.

Telran, owned by Andrew Fish, also operates New York StateWatch and Mississippi StateWatch and supports legislative information systems in six other states. Fish also is the managing partner of Texas Legislative Service, which has been providing legislative information since 1924.

“This is an exciting step for The Dolan Company because it merges our vision and resources with the proven abilities and expertise of Andy Fish,” said James P. Dolan, president of The Dolan Company. “For decades, Andy has been the leader in meeting the legislative information of needs of businesses and governmental affairs professionals. What sets his systems apart is their ability to derive actionable, real-time business intelligence from the stream of statehouse data. These are essential and strategic information tools for businesses.”

Fish, who is president of LISA, said that Telran’s experience with legislative information fits well with The Dolan Company’s approach to delivering mission-critical information to business clients. “As state legislative activity reaches new heights, with an increasing impact on business, there is a tremendous need for real-time tracking and intelligence reports direct from the statehouses,” Fish said.

Under Fish’s leadership, LISA has developed a proprietary series of tools to provide complete real-time monitoring in multiple states, contextual searches to help businesses evaluate the impact of legislative proposals, and “drill down” integration with local, single-state providers of legislative information. LISA also offers access to Telran’s proprietary ATLAS (TM) legislative analysis system; to its proprietary eTeam(TM) system, a collaboration tool for large-company governmental affairs professionals; and to its proprietary NIGHTWriter(TM) technology, a customized overnight reporting and legislative intelligence system which helps lobbyists set daily agendas and strategic goals.
LISA also has formed business partnerships with local single-state legislative information companies that have enhanced its databases and broadened its distribution to clients.

The partnership with Telran and Fish extends The Dolan Company’s reach into the $1 billion local, state and federal legislative information market. Dolan currently operates single-state legislative information services in Arizona and Oklahoma. It recently acquired Federal News Service, the premier provider of verbatim transcripts in the nation’s capital.

Fish has owned and operated single-state legislative services in multiple states for more than 34 years. He was a founding member and president of the National Online Legislative Associates, which represents the leading single-state legislative services in the United States, and has been a pioneer in real-time, online legislative analysis and tracking. His Texas Legislative Service is widely considered to be the most advanced single-state service in the U.S.

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