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‘Writ of injunction’ fails to impress judge

An Augusta County man facing eviction from his foreclosed home brandished a novel legal weapon to try to halt the proceedings, to no avail.

Daniel Taylor, who counts himself part of the “sovereign citizen” movement, told Circuit Judge Victor Ludwig he had a writ of injunction to block the bank from taking possession of his home. The injunction, he said, was issued by the “Supreme Court of the Republic of America.”

As Taylor explained, that court had convened the night before by telephone conference call.

Ludwig wasn’t buying it. “It is of no consequence to this court,” he said, according to The News Leader.

Ludwig gave the bank possession of Taylor’s home. He has ten days to appeal or face eviction.

So-called “sovereign citizens” commonly reject the authority of the U.S. court system.

-Posted by Peter Vieth

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