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Helmet to helmet

If you’re a fan of pro football, you’ve no doubt heard of the National Football League’s crackdown on helmet-to-helmet hits this year, with fines levied by the commissioner.

James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers has become the poster child for helmet offenses. Just yesterday he got slammed with another fine, one for $25K, for a helmet-led hit on Buffalo Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick on Sunday. Harrison has been fined four times for a total of $125,000 this season.

Inevitably the helmet-to-helmet issue has made it to court, but in a roundabout way. Up in Maryland, a former player for the Carolina Panthers and Washington Redskins is seeking a bigger benefit payment from the NFL’s pension plan. Eric Shelton played three seasons with the Panthers, then signed with the ‘Skins in 2008 as a free agent. He was a Redskin for six days — he took a helmet-to-helmet hit during training camp and his career was over.

The Daily Record, our sister paper in Baltimore, has the full story.

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