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The VLW Quick 10: Nonlawyer name law firms

Your name’s your brand, right?

Not if you come up with something better.

Lots of lawyers in Virginia have moved away from a firm name that’s a succession of partners, past and present. They’re practicing under firm names that promote their practice area, or the region in which they practice. Some of the names are descriptive in a straightforward fashion, some downright poetic. This Quick10 highlights just a few of the modern-day monikers:

1. Family Law & Mediation Center, PLC
Fairfax lawyer Leslie Hoffman is just one of the family law practitioners who goes with a firm name that means more than divorce.

2. Consumer Law Group PC
Richmond lawyer John C. Gayle was one of the early adopters of this kind of name-calling.

3. Brain Injury Law Center
Hampton lawyer Stephen Smith’s firm name pinpoints where he focuses his efforts.

4. Enterprise Business Law Group LLC
This McLean firm wants to work with “companies at every stage of development in both traditional and technology industries.”

5. Dominion Business Law PLC
With offices in McLean and Leesburg, David Knasel touts the “Dominion Approach” for business and estate planning needs.

6. Threshold Counsel PC
www.thresholdcounsel. com
Richmond lawyer Chris Gatewood wants to pioneer a new approach: outside counsel as general counsel.

7. Future Law LLC
These lawyers handle business, real estate and land use matters, from offices in Richmond and Leesburg.

8. PCTLawGroup PLLC
This firm’s Virginia base in Alexandria works on corporate, employment and IP matters.

9. XDL Group
This “virtual alliance” says it’s the cost-effective way to staff IP cases.

Our favorite?

10. Two Rivers Law Group P.C
This workers’ compensation practice group has offices in Richmond and Christiansburg.



    That’s all that we do, just regulatory and transaction aviation law; no torts

    205 BUlifants Boulevard
    Suite D
    Williamsburg, VA 23188


  2. Wish I could take credit for any of these names, but Two Rivers is the most interesting to me, as well. Expressive and memorable without being pedantic or chest-thumping. Too bad there is that “under construction” page at the link to their name. What? Is it 2010?

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