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McDonnell to VSB: Hand over $5M (access required)

Gov. Bob McDonnell has blindsided the Virginia State Bar with a budget proposal to take $5 million from the VSB and effectively wipe out the bar’s reserve. The plan, referenced in budget documents released by the governor Dec. 16, came as a surprise to officials at the VSB. VSB President Irving M. Blank said he still ...


  1. This is OUR MONEY. If our elected bar leadership does not stand up to this, then they ought to all be voted out of office. Even if the Court feels the need to cave, the Bar leadership should say no. We are not vassls of either the Court or the Governor. We are a self-regulating profession. The state merely holds this money in trust. I call on our elected leadership to stand up and fight for the rights of the members of the bar. If they can’t or won’t, they should resign.

  2. Most Virginia lawyers voted for McDonnell. What can you say? You get who you vote for.

  3. shameful

  4. As unfair as it may be in principle to raid the VSB’s funds, I would be willing to have my dues doubled if only we could get in front of judges more quickly to resolve matters. Lawyers don’t earn a living or make their clients happy if they can’t get into court. What’s more, the public loses respect for the system (and rightly so) when the system doesn’t provide them the opportunity to be heard within a reasonable period.

  5. Not only is this idea bad on the merits, but to propose it without a word of discussion with Bar leaders is rude and unprofessional. We deserve and expect better, and a lawyer-governor should know better.

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