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VSB Council to review MCLE changes

The Virginia State Bar Council will have more of a say over the regulations governing mandatory continuing legal education according to a rule change adopted by the Supreme Court of Virginia.

Under the changes, the council could reject amendments or regulations from the MCLE Board by a two-thirds vote of council.

Moreover, any regulations would have to be adopted by at least seven members of the 12 member board. Previously, five members of the board constitute a quorum, and a majority of the quorum can act for the board. That means a regulation could be adopted by only three members of the board.

The changes stemmed from the discontent of some council members over a regulation adopted by the board in February 2010 that would require a third of the 12 MCLE hours required of a lawyer each year to be in the form of “interactive” programs.

We had an account of the discussion back in July.

VSB Council recommended the changes to the Supreme Court in October, and the court entered an order adopting them on Friday.

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