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Lawyer offers alternative plan for judicial circuits

While everyone else talks about the Janis-Edwards plan for redrawing Virginia’s judicial districts and circuits, Ken Lammers of Wise got busy with a Sharpie and sketched out his own idea for grouping the courts.

Lammers, who authors the CrimLaw blog, determined to have no more than five and no fewer than three political subdivisions per circuit. He ended up with 26 circuits, 7 more than the Janis-Edwards plan but five fewer than the current map.

By Peter Vieth

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  1. The various proposals may or may not have merit, but one thing is certain…a careful study is warranted before hasty decisions are made. This will impact clerks’ offices, the promulgation of local rules, assignment of cases, docket controls, future selection of Bar Council members, etc. A panel of judges, clerks, and lawyers, VSB representatives, local and statewide bar group representatives (and perhaps others) from around the state should be assembled to study the ideas and make suggestions. Given all of the other action in the current GA session, there is no way that all of the relevant factors and concerns of stakeholders will be considered fully before this session ends.

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