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‘Don’t merge us,’ says Alexandria bar

The Alexandria Bar Association adds its voice to the clamor over the legislative proposal to realign Virginia’s judicial districts and circuits with a two-page resolution adopted last week.

Merging the circuits for Alexandria and Arlington County would cause an undue hardship, the resolution states. “[T]he residents of Alexandria and Arlington have unique and diverse needs and are geographically separate,” the bar says.

The resolution calls on the General Assembly to refuse to merge the two circuits, to fund any upcoming judicial vacancies in the Alexandria courts and to raise the mandatory retirement age for judges to 73.

By Peter Vieth

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  1. VaConcerned Citizen

    just because Alexandria and Arlington might end up in the same judicial Circuit does not mean that anything will change in how the courts are run. Alexandria cases would still be heard in Alexandria, and Arlington cases would still be heard in Arlington. And the chief judge of the circuit could have the same judges sit in the same courts. All across the Commonwealth right now, there are judicial circuits and districts that contain multiple jurisdictions. That has nothing to do with the proper venue for a case, or for which judges sit in those courts. If the 2 jurisdictions merged, they would be like a multitude of other multi-jurisdiction districts in the state. Arlington residents would not have to go to Alexandria for court, nor vice versa.

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