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Packer backer sacked

A guy in suburban Chicago was fired from his job yesterday…for wearing a Green Bay Packers tie to work.

The Chicago Tribune reports that John Stone (right), a car salesman in Oak Lawn, Ill., showed up to work Monday wearing a Packers tie, a nod to Green Bay’s trip to the Super Bowl and, he said, a way to honor his recently deceased grandmother, a big Packers fan.

His boss wasn’t amused and told him to take it off or he was fired. Stone thought he was joking. An hour later, the boss caught him still wearing the tie, and dismissed him on the spot.

Apparently, the Chevrolet dealership had done some promotions for the Chicago Bears, whom the Packers beat for the trip to play the Pittsburgh Steelers. The boss didn’t like the apparent mixed message. And he said he didn’t know there was any emotional connection for Stone.

Stone disobeyed a direct order from his boss, but how’s that going to play out on his future job apps? Stone will come out looking better.

Q. “Please state reason for leaving last position.”

A. “Fired for wearing Green Bay Packers tie to work.”

Perhaps he should look for work across the border in Wisconsin. There, going down for a Packers tie would be viewed a badge of honor.

Update: There is a happy ending to this story. After word of Stone’s sacking got out, USA Today reported that a rival Chevrolet dealer in Homewood, another Chicago suburb, offered Stone a job, saying “good salesmen are hard to find” and that it was “idiotic” to terminate someone for just wearing a tie you don’t like. The fact that the hiring could generate good-guy publicity points for the Homewood dealership probably didn’t even enter his mind. No, not at all.

(AP photo/Chicago Sun-Times, Jean Lachat)

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