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Paul Fletcher//January 27, 2011

Read all about it

Paul Fletcher//January 27, 2011//

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At this newspaper, we’re always looking for more information to present to you, and for better ways to present it.

The opinion digests that we publish each week give you a heads-up on the latest cases decided by Virginia’s state and federal judges.

We’ve got a new way for you to stay up to date.

On our home page, you’ll find a new section entitled, “The Latest Opinions.” Here, you’ll find the most current opinion digests, presented on our site as soon as we receive them and get them digested. They are published first on the website, then we compile the full week’s complement and publish them in the printed newspaper that should arrive in Monday morning’s mail.

On the website, the digests are fed to the home page and appear in six different categories:
• Business Law
• Criminal Law
• Employment Law
• Family Law
• Personal Injury
• Real Estate

These six categories cover a substantial number of the subject headings we’ve used for years, and the groupings are logical and easy to follow. For example, under “Employment Law,” you’ll find cases on employment, employment discrimination and workers’ comp. “Personal Injury Law” covers negligence, tort law, products liability and insurance, among others.

You’ll find the latest digests for cases involving the few subject areas that don’t fit into these six categories in the opinion archives. Just use those words (i.e., “Administrative” or “Municipal”) as search terms in the search box on the home page.

Here’s one more way to remember to take a quick look at the latest opinions: Follow the link on the Daily Alert.

Each morning’s Alert features a significant case or two, along with a link to its digest. At the bottom of the Alert, there is a statement, “See more of the Latest Opinions.” Click on that and you’ll go right to “The Latest Opinions” on the bottom of the home page. That way, you can check if there is a new case that impacts your clients or the files you’re working on.

Here’s hoping that this new, faster way to get the latest law into your hands proves helpful to you. As always, we’d welcome any suggestions for improving our site and our services.

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