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Wasted days

What is the worst city in America for commuters? Where do people sit in traffic the longest?

If you’re from Northern Virginia, you already know the answer, based on sad, sad experience.

According to the latest Urban Mobility Report, compiled by the Texas Transportation Institute, the worst place for traffic is the Metro Washington, DC area. Actually, it is tied with the Chicago area for that honor.

Commuters in those regions spend a total of 70 hours a year sitting in their cars, waiting out delays. That’s nearly two work weeks’ worth of time wasted.

One hopes the General Assembly takes note of these statistics.

The Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana area of California is third, with 63 hours sitting in traffic behind the wheel, and metro Houston is fourth, with 58 hours.

Fifth place is held by the worst mid-sized city, Baltimore, where commuters log 50 hours in traffic. If you’ve ever been through Charm City at rush hour, that ranking makes sense.

Give props to the headline writers at the Wall Street Journal, which featured the report in their edition this morning. Their headline for a piece about people in this country just sitting in traffic: “American Idle.”

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