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VADA opposes governor’s bid to use VSB money

Add the Virginia Association of Defense Attorneys to the list of organizations opposing Gov. McDonnell’s proposal to take $5 million from the State Bar Fund for the state budget.

In a statement sent Thursday to members of the General Assembly money committees, the VADA said the money at stake comes entirely from dues, fees and penalties paid by Virginia lawyers. Taking it for the state general fund would amount to a double taxation of lawyers, the statement said.

“The VADA supports appropriate measures to try to address the problems faced in these frustrating financial times, but the proposed taking of money from the VSB reserve fund is not an appropriate long term solution to these fiscal problems,” the statement reads.

The Virginia Bar Association, the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association and several local bar groups also have gone on record opposing the governor’s proposal.

The latest local bar resolution comes from the Loudoun County Bar Association.

By Peter Vieth

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  1. My fellow lawyers, this is money from dues that we all paid for purposes of State Bar operations. What right does any other branch of government have to take away our money which we were required to pay? If you don’t like it, speak up. A good start is to call and write to legislators.

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