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Assembly bans sale of Chinese drywall

While lawyers continue efforts to determine what to do about homes afflicted with Chinese drywall and – more importantly – who must pay for remedial action, the 2011 Virginia legislature passed a pair of measures aimed at preventing more homeowners from falling victim to the tainted wallboard.

Senate Bill 1294 bars the sale of Chinese drywall, although not the sale of a home with Chinese drywall installed. It awaits the governor’s signature, according to online legislative records.

Already signed by the governor is House Bill 1610 and a companion measure from the Senate which require disclosure of Chinese drywall to buyers and renters.

Lawyers involved in Chinese drywall litigation in Virginia say they are unaware of any efforts to import any more of the sulfur-emitting wallboard. The ban on sales, they say,  may be little more than “window dressing.”

A consolidated group of Virginia Chinese drywall cases is being heard by Norfolk Circuit Judge Mary Jane Hall. On the federal level, lawsuits have been consolidated before New Orleans U.S. District Judge Eldon Fallon.

-By Peter Vieth

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