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A little CLE with your target practice?

Bar associations are always looking for fresh ideas to serve up CLE to lawyers hungry for credit hours.

Here’s one: Spend a day, get an hour and a half of CLE credit and a concealed-carry permit under South Carolina law.

Sponsored by the South Carolina Bar Association, the April 9 session starts with range rules, mandatory fingerprinting and a safety briefing. Do not bring firearms or ammo into the classroom, the association warns. And don’t forget to sign that hold harmless agreement.

The CLE portion of the program, just before lunch, covers various state laws on concealed weapons, gun purchases, self defense, homicide and manslaughter.

“These topics will be taught with an eye toward educating practitioners on how to represent their clients in gun and concealed weapon cases,” the program flyer says.

Then it’s out to the range, where firearms instructors will cover the basics of pistol shooting, trigger finger etiquette; how to carry, draw and holster your pistol from concealment (extra style points for gunslingers who can do it Wild West-style?) and how to care for your piece.

We’re not sure if any CLE vendors have moved into this firearms niche yet. Virginia CLE has offered programs on Firearms Law, but not necessarily combined with CCW permits. Tom Strassburg, who recently took over for Gary Wilbert at Virginia CLE, said he has seen online references to similar programming in Ohio.

Reportedly, a Virginia lawyer has offered weapons training with a legal dimension. But Virginia MCLE could not confirm that this vendor had requested or been approved for continuing legal education credit for a similar seminar.
By Deborah Elkins

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