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A deposition from hell

If you’ve ever been trapped in a deposition from hell, you have company. Here’s the tale of some lawyers who take up 10 pages of a transcript trying to define “photocopy.”


It’s a public records case from Ohio, reported by the Cleveland Plain-Dealer by way of the WSJ Law Blog.

The entertainment got underway when a plaintiff’s lawyer deposed the head of IT for a county office.

Plaintiff’s lawyer asked simply, “During your tenure in the computer department at the Recorder’s office, has the Recorder’s office had photocopying machines?”

The defense lawyer immediately objected, for reasons not articulated.

And the guy who was being deposed responded, “When you say ‘photocopying machine,’ what do you mean?”

And it goes downhill from there. For 10 pages.

The best exchange:

The guy says that he just wants the plaintiff’s lawyer to give him an explanation of what he’s asking, “instead of trying to make me feel stupid.”

Plaintiff’s lawyer’s retort: “If you feel stupid, it’s not because I’m making you feel that way.”

Thanks to Baker McClanahan for the head’s-up.

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