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Protest T-shirts rankle administration at UVa law

The economy may be showing subtle signs of recovery, but it’s still no picnic trying to turn your expected law degree into a good paying legal job, no matter where you’re enrolled. So it was that some U.Va. law students put their angst on display with T-shirts that read, “VIRGINIA LAW – $40,000 a year and NO JOB.”

When the protest shirts showed up at a gathering for newly admitted law students, school officials “strongly urged” the wearers to change attire, even offering free standard-issue U.Va. shirts, according to a post at Above The Law.

By Peter Vieth


  1. Those poor law students. They must have been totally duped — who would have thought three years ago that there was actually a risk in the marketplace of landing a job? I know . . . blame Bush!

  2. Not true. There are legal jobs available. Just not at $160,000 starting salary. Also, solid job skills and hard work is required.

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