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Lawsuit is latest woe for Seth Greenberg

The Virginia Tech basketball coach has more to worry about than his team’s snub by the NCAA. A $2.5-million lawsuit filed last month names Greenberg and his “Seth Greenberg Basketball Camp” at Virginia Tech.

The suit claims 15-year-old Austin Schuler of Augusta County was severely injured when his head hit a cinder block wall around a basketball court in Tech’s War Memorial Gym. The suit alleges the wall was too close to the court and the padding failed to cover the lower portion of the wall.

Schuler, a student at Fishersville’s Woodrow Wilson Memorial High School, was participating in the Seth Greenberg Basketball Camp in June 2009 when the accident occurred. The lawsuit alleges the defendants – Greenberg, the camp and Virginia Tech – owed Schuler a duty of “utmost care” because of the special relationship between the camp and its participants. The suit was filed March 28 in Montgomery County Circuit Court.

Schuler is represented by Eric D. Yost of Staunton.

-By Peter Vieth


  1. If Greenberg signed a contract with Virginia Tech, wouldnt VT be liable to provide safe facilities?

  2. Virginia Tech better watch out. Surely they can afford to put padding down on the lower portion of the wall to prevent injuries from happening to those young kids.

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