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Governor vetoes redistricting plan

Gov. Robert F. McDonnell vetoed the General Assembly’s redistricting plan this afternoon, citing concerns about several elements of the realignment of Senate districts.

The districts in the Senate plan are not compact and do not preserve locality lines and communities of interest, McDonnell said in a letter to the House of Delegates.

The districts in the Senate plan also appear “to deviate from the one person-one vote ideal without any legitimate justification,” McDonnell wrote.

The plan reflects “the kind of partisan gerrymandering that Virginians have asked that we leave in the past,” McDonnell said. He noted that the House plan passed 86-8 with 28 votes from Democrats, the minority party. By contrast, the Senate plan was passed along strictly party lines.

Although the letter has no specific criticism of the House districts, McDonnell said, “I encourage the House to purse opportunities that will strengthen its plan.”

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