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eMarket, eMarket…

You want to start a marketing campaign for your law practice that focuses on email.

You know that Virginia’s spam laws are pretty strict and you don’t want to end up blacklisted or a permanent resident of everyone’s spam box.

How do you negotiate the laws and regs that cover your proposal?

There’s a class for that.

It’s from the University of Virginia’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies. The class, entitled “Legal Aspects of eMarketing,” is held online one night a week from July 19 to Sept. 27.

The course is one of the offerings from U.Va.’s online graduate certificate program in emarketing. Registration is now open. Further details are available at the U.Va. SCPS site.

The class will cover how the Internet faces pressure from consumer groups and government regulators, and it will examine trends in emarketing laws and regulations, as well as techniques to comply with same. Some of the material to be covered includes recent court cases and final actions by regulatory agencies.

David O. Ward, a senior legal advisor at the Federal Communications Commission, teaches the course.

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