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$212M awarded in Botox case

A federal jury in Richmond has awarded $212 million, including $200 million in punitive damages, to a Fredericksburg-area man who suffered severe medical complications from the drug Botox.

Douglas Ray Jr. received an injection of the drug to treat a hand tremor and writer’s cramp. He alleged that complications from that injection resulted in total disability and $643,800 in medical expenses.

Virginia law, which applies in the case, limits punitive damages to $350,000.

A spokeswoman for Allergan Inc., the manufacturer of the drug, said the company was disappointed in the verdict and disagreed with the jury’s finding that the injection was the cause of Ray’s ailments.

The company contended that the illness stemmed from CADASIL syndrome, a hereditary stroke disorder.

Ray C. Chester, an attorney from Austin, Texas, and Richmond lawyers Stephen W. Bricker and Christopher L. Anderson represented Ray.

The Times-Dispatch has an account of the case.

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