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Motion to correct misnomer?

Anyone who has ever gotten a defendant’s name wrong and had to figure out how to fix the pleadings will appreciate this item.

There is a whole body of law relating to making a mistake on someone’s name or suing the wrong person or company.

You can move to fix a name that is incorrect. If you sue the wrong party, you better realize it before the statute of limitations runs. Or have your carrier on speed-dial.

Sports Illustrated’s Peter King has a story from the recently completed National Football League draft. The Cleveland Browns were the culprits, and a motion to correct misnomer wouldn’t help.

In the fourth round of the draft, the Browns took a tight end from USC who has one of those names that is a law firm – Jordan Cameron. They call him. Everyone’s excited. High fives all around.

Later they call him back to get some biographical information, only they call…Cameron Jordan.

Jordan is a defensive end who played at Cal. Imagine his surprise to hear from Cleveland. He had been drafted by the New Orleans Saints in the first round. Jordan told them to call Cameron.

Given the way the Browns have played the past few seasons, this makes perfect sense.

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