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Chocolate eggnog defense defeats DUI charge

An Essex County supervisor’s explanation about drinking chocolate eggnog after a single car accident was enough to get a drunken driving charge dismissed, but not without some skepticism from the judge.

Jack Stevens was on his way home from church (!) on Hustle Road (!!) Jan. 2 when he slammed his car into a tree, according to the Northern Neck News. His air bag exploded in his face, but apparently he was otherwise unhurt. He got a ride to his home and, when an officer arrived, he claimed he had quickly consumed two drinks of chocolate eggnog, presumably to steady his nerves.

Unable to find any chocolate eggnog, even in the dark depths of the VLW refrigerator, we looked it up. If this recipe is any guide, the stuff should be plenty potent. It includes both Kahlua and rum.

The chocolate eggnog explanation was enough for Substitute General District Judge Kendall Newsom. He dismissed the DUI charge remarking, “That was a mighty convenient drink he had.”

Stevens’ troubles continue, however. He still faces charges of felony hit-and-run and failure to take a breath test, according to the paper.

By Peter Vieth

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