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Blog ethics case continued

The skirmishing between Richmond lawyer Horace F. Hunter and the Virginia State Bar over Hunter’s blog on his website continues, with a hearing now set for Oct. 18 before the Third District Disciplinary Committee. The case had been set for Friday.

The VSB contends that the blog, “This Week in Richmond Criminal Defense” is advertising and must have a disclaimer. Hunter says his descriptions and comments on cases of public interest have First Amendment protection and no disclaimer is necessary.

The problem from the VSB’s standpoint is that most of the commentary involves cases in which Hunter has been successful.

Hunter said he has offered to include “a disclaimer of sorts” that the VSB has rejected as inadequate: “This Week In Richmond Criminal Defense” is a blog written by Horace F. Hunter, founder and owner of Hunter & Lipton PC.  The blog contains articles written by him which focus on issues relevant to the criminal justice system.  To the extent that the articles discuss cases in which Horace F. Hunter was personally involved as counsel, they are not intended to predict a similar outcome in future cases.”

Hunter said he has retained former VSB Counsel Michael Rigsby to represent him in the dispute. We had an account of it last month.

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  1. funny thing is that this blog probably has gotten more traffic in the last 2 months than it did in its entire existence. Google has hardly paid any attention to it…it had very few blog entries…

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