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Dress up days

Today is June 8, so you can take it to the bank that the new law graduates of the Class of 2011 are no longer feeling the euphoria of graduation.

Last month’s celebrations are a distant memory because now lawyer wannabes are mired in bar exam preparation.

The Virginia Bar Examination will be given July 26 and 27 in Roanoke, as always.

Here’s wishing them the best over the next month and a half.

Some things never change: The Board of Bar Examiners continues to hew to a mandatory dress code. Men must wear a coat and tie. Women should dress in “traditional business attire,” whatever that might be. The instructions to applicants note that “soft-soled or rubber-soled shoes” are preferred “so as not to disturb your fellow applicants, but you may NOT wear athletic shoes or flip-flops.”

The Board has the last word on the dress code: “Recognizing the high calibre of professionalism that has traditionally characterized the bar, the Board is confident that no further discussion of this topic will be necessary.”

Case closed. Say you’re a new grad fortunate enough to land a job as an associate with a law firm. Would you really want to have to tell your new bosses you got kicked out of the bar exam for wearing shorts?

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  1. As well they should. The slob/slacker-look has no place at serious professional qualification exam.

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