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Apple calls closing time for DUI checkpoint apps

Want to know where the cops are checking for drunken drivers? There’s an app for that.

Or at least, there was.

Apple has put the kibosh on mobile applications that identify DUI checkpoints unless the checkpoints have been publicly announced.

The existence of such apps led a gaggle of U.S. Senators to send letters to mobile industry leaders calling for a ban, according to News & Observer blogger Matthew Fortner.

Posted by Peter Vieth


  1. What about driver created real time traffic apps like Waze? Did they remove that one too? I can only imagine that someone with the Waze app would note that traffic is backed up on a road due to a DUI checkpoint.

    I really don’t think they can squeeze the genie back into the bottle.

  2. As opposed to drunk driving as I am; these apps are clearly legal. They are no different than other apps that alert drivers to traffic jams, tolls, speed traps, etc. The principle has been tested many times, and likely will be again; but it’s unlikely these apps will be disallowed.

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