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The New Golf?

How do 21st century lawyers schmooze and network?

The game of golf has a hallowed history as a business activity for lawyers.

It’s a way to schmooze with clients. A lawyer can do business by not doing business: He or she can get to know the client in a non-business sense and spend time away from pressing tasks.

It’s a way to hang out with other lawyers.
You can talk shop while motoring around in a golf cart, or get work done: More than one case has been settled on, say, the 13th hole. Still others have been resolved on the 19th (watering) hole.

Is golf still the preferred way to woo clients and network with other lawyers?

That’s a question to which we’re seeking an answer.

Virginia Lawyers Weekly is launching a web poll: “What is the new golf?” We’re asking the current activities or methods you use for schmoozing and networking.

The poll is available here.

We have been watching and here are some of the options we suggest in the poll:

  • Sports, such as basketball, softball, tennis or volleyball.
  • Nontraditional sports, such as dodgeball, kickball or croquet
  • More extreme sports, such as cycling or triathlon training
  • Hanging out at kids’ sports and activities
  • Outdoor activities, such as hiking, sailing or hunting
  • Working out at a gym or group exercise programs such as yoga or pilates
  • Attending ball games or other sporting events
  • Attending concerts or public lectures
  • Hobby groups such as book discussion, wine tasting or poker
  • Shopping outings, trade shows or home shopping events
  • And finally, we ask the question is golf the new golf? In other words, is a round on the links still the best way to win clients and hang out with lawyer friends?

We look forward to hearing from you, and please feel free to add any activities we don’t list.
We’ll report the results in July.

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