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Your Honor, can you stop and get milk?

D.C. Superior Court Judge Ann O’Regan Keary saw a familar face in the jury pool during voir dire on Wednesday: Her husband Tom.

She knew Tom was on jury dury and they had joked it would be funny if he ended up in her courtroom. On his questionairre, Tom circled “yes” when asked if he knew anyone in the case, reports the Washington Post.

Once the lawyers called him forward for an interview, the couple revealed their relationship.

The judge dismissed her husband, but she didn’t let him off the hook. She sent him back to the waiting area for further jury duty. “I poured him right back into the pool” were her exact words, actually.

– Paul Fletcher


  1. Gives new meaning to the phrase, “The judge is familiar withthe case.”

  2. That’s a curious turn of events, but I am not sure why the man couldn’t have served. The judge is supposed to be merely a “referee” of the proceedings and shouldn’t be either plaintiff or defendant oriented. I suppose it might make for quiet evenings between them, however, if the trial went for multiple days. “Anything interesting happen at work today?” “Well, you should know!”

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