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Minton v. ExxonMobil Corp.

$25 million

Type of Case: Asbestos exposure, mesothelioma
Court: Newport News Circuit Court
Attorneys: Robert R. Hatten, Hugh B. McCormick III and William W. Harty, Newport News

A former ship repair supervisor contracted mesothelioma almost 30 years after he last worked for Newport News Shipbuilding on oil tankers owned by ExxonMobil Corp.

His attorneys contended that Exxon had a duty to warn the shipyard workers of dangers presented by asbestos exposure because it was aware of them and had taken steps to protect workers at its refineries since the 1930s.
The attorneys presented evidence that Exxon controlled and participated in the repairs even though the shipyard was under contract to perform them.

The verdict returned under maritime law included punitive damages of $12 million, which were reduced to $7.5 million, the amount sued for.

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