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Governor says he’s ready to appoint judges

Gov. Bob McDonnell says he’s waited long enough for the General Assembly to fill vacant Virginia judgeships — he’s ready to do it himself.

Saying citizens  cannot afford further delay, McDonnell wrote to legislative leaders Thursday, urging the Assembly to either elect judges or adjourn so he can make the appointments.

McDonnell’s letter notes “[s]ubstitute and retired judges are working on many cases, and the Supreme Court is hearing fewer cases with smaller panels.”

McDonnell previously invited applications from would-be judges. He now says he is instructing his counsel to begin the evaluation process.

The Assembly has been in a special redistricting session since the end of the regular 2011 session. The GOP-controlled House of Delegates has approved a plan for filling appellate judgeships, but the Senate, with a Democratic majority, has not taken any action.

By Peter Vieth

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