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Demand steady for Va. law licenses

Security was tight and tension was in the air at the Roanoke Civic Center this week as 1,513 applicants sat for the Virginia Bar Exam.

Scott Street, secretary-treasurer of the Virginia Board of Bar Examiners, said the number of test takers is down by only two from last year.

Both a police officer and a VBBE official were on hand to confront any strangers wandering into the test site this year. Police had not been observed in the past.

Street said the number of computer-using examinees continues to grow. About 80 percent of the test takers use laptops, with others writing their responses by hand.

Results come out in mid-October. Based on past performance, about a fourth of the examinees will get bad news. The other three quarters will be free to continue their job searches.

-By Peter Vieth

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