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Lock Mess

It’s September, so law students are back in school, ready to learn lots and start looking for an elusive summer clerkship (2Ls) or an elusive job offer (3Ls).

The 1Ls are just trying to survive, and according to Above the Law, newbies at two different law schools are having trouble coping with, um, their lockers.

Anyone who made it through high school should be passingly familiar with having a locker and locker etiquette. Maybe some of these 1Ls are having flashbacks at having been stuffed into one.

At Washington University in St. Louis, the administration had to email instructions, including a video, on how to open the law school lockers.

And at Duke’s law school, there is a squatter’s battle going on. One student grabbed a locker another student had reserved, put his/her stuff in there, then put on a combination lock on it.

The aggrieved party of the second part responded as only a brand-new law student can: “Please remove your lock and any valuables. I do not want to have to commit a tort against you.”

OK, Mr./Ms. Hot-Shot 1L, here’s your first quiz: By posting that note, have you already committed a tort? Please discuss.

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