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What to do if you hate the new Facebook

Facebook, the social media giant, has sprung a number of new changes on its millions of users this week, and the early reviews are not good.

Among the changes:

• The old News Feed now shows up on the right side of the screen in a constantly moving crawl as your friends provide new updates on their activities or comment on each other’s cute cat pictures.

• The center of the page provides a list of “Top Stories” which apparently provides updates from some of your friends, but not all. There is no explanation of why an item is a “top story.”

• In what seems to be a feature taken directly from new competitor Google+, you can set up “lists” based on, well, whatever you want. You can set up a school list, or a work list, or a list based on some common interest. It’s up to you, if you want to invest the time.

• You can decide which of your Facebook friends are your “close friends.” As if Facebook hasn’t already presented you the dilemma of whether to accept the “friend” request of someone who really is only an acquaintance….

If this seems like a lot of work to fix something that wasn’t really broken, you’re right.

I have yet to see anyone who really likes it (one friend claimed to like the changes, just to be an iconoclast). I saw more than a few friends last night who reposted a photo with a banner that said “Hate the New Facebook.” Mysteriously, those posts had disappeared by this morning.

One friend out in the Seattle area had reposted a Dr. Seuss-style poem: FB Poem #2: I do not like green eggs and ham, I do not like Facebook spam. I do not like the new Facebook change, I do not like my friends rearranged. I do not like them in a row, down below or coming up and appearing slow. I do not like them by family, friend, city or state. I do not like the page to hesitate. I do not like the Facebook change, I do not like my friends rearranged! I do not like this new Facebook crap. Kill it, smash it, make it scrap (author unknown).

Brad Panovich, a meteorologist in Charlotte, is a Facebook maven and he has posted a couple of videos on the new Facebook. In particular, he has a video with advice on how to jigger the list function to the list function to get your News Feed pretty much in its previous format. It’s worth a look.

And if you are really, really unhappy with the new Facebook changes, I’m sure Mark Zuckerberg will give you your money back.

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