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Take this job and …

If you think the idea being a lawyer sounded better before you went to law school, took the bar exam and started practice, you are not alone.

“Attorney” made the list of the “Most Overrated Jobs of 2011,” just released by the Internet job site CareerCast.com, taking sixth place.

The folks at CareerCast.com define overrated jobs as “those that on the surface seem to be outstanding, but in reality carry unrecognized downsides that can, at times, make them not so great after all.”

Some of the drawbacks are more stress, environmental dangers and physical demands than are typically recognized. In the overrated fields, the hiring outlook may be dismal, even depressing.

Topping the 2011 list was “Senior Corporate Executive” (and this was before the Occupy Wall Street people started agitating), followed by “Surgeon.”

All is not lost at a law firm, reports CareerCast.com. They also publish a companion list of the “Most Underrated Jobs of 2011.”

Number one on the underrated list: “Paralegal/Legal Assistant.”

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