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Unfriending him would have been enough

Paybacks are hell, as any domestic relations lawyer will tell you.

Sometimes they cross the line, as a guy in New Jersey will tell you.

A narcotics detective in Morristown, N.J., broke up with his girlfriend, but she allegedly had revenge in mind.

According to grand jury testimony earlier this week, she sought to get even the high-tech way: by creating a fake Facebook page with his name and posting inflammatory comments, the Associated Press reports.

Among the alleged posts: He had herpes, he was “high all the time” and he went to prostitutes.

“I’m a sick piece of scum with a gun,” was another alleged comment.

Prosecutors had two words for the woman: identity theft. She has been charged under a New Jersey law that makes it illegal to impersonate someone “for the purpose of obtaining a benefit for himself or another or to injure or defraud another.”

That statute doesn’t mention electronic communications, and in fact, the New Jersey legislature is considering an amendment to add such language. The fact that the law is being amended means that presently it doesn’t cover online activity, argued the woman’s defense lawyer.

No dice, said the judge, finding the law doesn’t need to mention the means of committing a crime for there to be a violation. The woman faces a Dec. 7 pretrial hearing.

– Paul Fletcher

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